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Coconut Cove

Participation Agreement, Assumption of Risk Acknowledgment and Release of Liability

Assumption of Risk:Understanding that all reasonable precautions have been taken to assure that COCONUT COVE, LLC is as safe as possible, I understand that the play equipment and activities at COCONUT COVE have inherent risks and may result in serious injury, paralysis or death. I further understand that the activities and play equipment will be shared with others over whom COCONUT COVE has no control; and 

Release of Liability: I, for myself, and/or as parent, legal (court appointed) guardian or custodian, knowingly and freely accept and assume all risks, both known and unknown, and AGREE TO RELEASE, DEFEND, INDEMNIFY, NOT SUE AND HOLD HARMLESS COCONUT COVE, their principals, officers, owners, shareholders, employees, equipment manufacturers, sponsors, agents and other participants, from any and all claims, damages, (including medical expenses and attorneys' fees), injuries (including disabilities, paralysis and death) and expenses arising out of, or resulting from voluntary attendance/participation at COCONUT COVE; and 

Rules: I, for myself, and/or as parent, legal (court appointed) guardian or custodian, willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms, rules, and conditions for attendance/ participation; I warrant and certify that all participants are physically fit and able to participate in all activities at COCONUT COVE; and if I become aware of or observe any hazard or any potentially dangerous condition during my attendance/participation, I will notify the nearest employee immediately; and 

Medical Release: In the event that medical attention is needed for myself, or any of the attendees listed below, I grant permission for the basic first-aid and assistance to be administered by COCONUT COVE staff. In the event that advanced first-aid is required, COCONUT COVE will call 911 and I authorize for medical care to be administered as required by a trained medical professional. I agree to release COCONUT COVE from all claims, damages, injuries and expenses arising out of such assistance, including any claims arising from contact needed to administer assistance.

I, for myself, and/or as parent, legal (court -appointed) guardian or custodian, have carefully read the above participation agreement, assumption of risk acknowledgment and release of liability, hereby agree to be bound by it for myself and all minor participants listed below, and fully understand its contents. I have the permission from the minor's family or other responsible party to cover minor under this agreement. 

I acknowledge I have read and understand this waiver and certify that all personal information is correct.
By signing this waiver, I agree that all information is complete and accurate.